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The extreme changes 2K21 Should make

Published date: September 16, 2020


Normally I begin these off by stating I'm attempting to start a discussion and not a debate, but I'm actually willing to argue about any of them, so feel free. Is that you explain how it makes NBA 2K21 BETTER. Don't simply say"stop complaining about x ray", explain how x is actually improving NBA 2K21. Quick overview of my perspective. I'm a SS3 using a 67 Wpercent in park (1200 games) and 80 percent in rec (250 matches ). The vast bulk of 2K21 MT the park matches are with randoms, and the rec games are a mixture of randoms and together with buddies.

So I am not a 2K god by any stretch, and I'm not a bum. My rec team wins 95% of the time, so that I have experience being the squad that everyone hates as well as being of randoms on a group. I feel as I have more of a perspective of what it's like to be the 2K player. I am buying 2K21 and NBA Live 21 no matter what year, but after that I'm sticking with another or one. Here's 10 changes I feel 2K should make that would make NBA 2K21 better.

Offensive 3 minutes in park is 6 seconds. This allows bigs camp at the paint for 5 minutes at a time either sitting beneath the rim for pump or an board faking 100 times under you are beneath the rim. During Rush events that they call 3 seconds at 3 minutes and it actually cuts down on some of the article scorer cheese. Defensive 3 at the key should be added to park too, but fix it (in rec also) so where you don't need to be hugging your guy to not get it called. A defensive 3 minutes call could function the same as a foul call. Combined with #8 to the record, that will cut back on the paint camping.

I hate court conquerer since the park is emptied by it and I don't want perform against AI. But there's no denying. You ought to have the option of playing with friends against AI on your myplayer or even match against your friend's team. It would also be great to have the ability to practice plays for your staff ect that is pro am. The issue with this that I hear is people using this to cheese NBA 2K21 to progress their player faster, but you might nerf the development in these games. (I had a 20 rally match and got like 600 points towards defensive badges).

I've played over 3000 park matches involving 2K19 and Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins and I have yet to see someone out. Players know they don't have to worry about fouling out and there are no free throws in playground, so that they could spam for the content of their heart. Best case scenario, they receive a steal. Worst case scenario, your momentum or quick break stops. There's virtually no penalty for reaching. By reducing the limit to 3, the number of fouls cuts to provide to 2 in half.

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