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Published date: August 6, 2020
Location: Sydney, Sydney, Albania


They attempted performance based and it simply does not do the job, it's time to go back to possible. That's not to say that somebody can't up their potential if they really have a big season in a young age, or that a large pick can not lose potential if he hasn't performed to expectations. But there should be a base for your Madden nfl 21 coins players progression and there should be a real reason prior to your QB retires to draft a QB. Just take this dynasty. Head Coach, Offensice Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator, Special Teams Coordinator. While many cities as you want, any title you want, and also the ability to download/upload designs. Fundamentally as close to the system of myleague as you can without being sued

Another thing to take from myleague. This is such a fun factor in myleague. Imagine the NFL adapting the play clock has been reduced to 30 seconds a draft lottery, or even the teams. So interesting possibilities to explore. Abandon the salary/signing bonus system. How about it's split between guaranteed/nonguranteed? You can start the negotiation by setting a contract to state 5 years 100 million.Doing this lets you front/backload contracts, as well as determine as soon as you can get out of a contract with minimal cap penalties. Agents would have preferences based on which type of contract, contenders, loyalty, and city they want.

Basically copy NBA2ks. Just scout a certain number of players throughout the season/offseason and allow them be scouted up to 100%, though even a fully scouted player thought to be a 77 total is not ensured to be that, though is sure to be close to this when you've got a fantastic scout. Make trading actually realistic. Again myleague has an excellent trade logic system that would be great at madden. Let teams trade farther down the road than 1 season, and let to be traded per side. Teams should also be categorized as contenders/rebuilds such as in myleague so that rebuilders are more inclined to trade for selections and contenders are more inclined to trade for players. Bring back pc draft day trades.

UDFAs are a huge part of teams offseason in the cheap Madden 21 coins, there should be a section of the offseason dedicated to signing 10-20 UDFAs to possibly fill special teams/backup functions rather than simply looking for the free agent market. I feel that the cap stays the same in the current version, if I'm correct they should create iNFLation customizable, once again much enjoy the superior myleague. It would be nice to know what's actually happened in the league without having to monitor it manually. I want to understand who the Super Bowl winners and losers were using the score and who has won. It's crazy how awful the sim engine now is involving match results and player stats. Give us which works correctly so I don't construct a star team simply to go 7-9. I would love to hear what you guys would also add to a franchise

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