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Most Of Them Ought To Be Grade 90

Published date: July 21, 2020
Location: Sydney, Sydney, Australia


I'm one of those RS gold players after getting all elites done on osrs and simply not having time to get what I want anymore now with work. I'm just taking rs3 slow and performing it how I want rather than being crazy efficient from the gate. I see all the crazy stuff and events but I simply ignore it for now, but definitely will feel the pain afterwards when attempting to determine what I should do and what I could dismiss when I need. But I was amazed if you spend some time researching how new player rs3 is money wise. Like mix runecrafting and simple clues are not too bad starting off for you going.

I have played RS3 periodically since 2015 later at least 5 decades of inactivity. Even to this day that I feel slightly overwhelmed by all of the attributes, pop ups and events; treasure hunter, cosmetics, the vast number of distractions and diversions etc., plus they are not even core aspects of RuneScape in my view; abilities and quests are the cornerstones. Evolution of combat took some it. I still use the legacy interface for now. I can sympathise with those OSRS players coming over and feeling overwhelmed and lost.

The larger question is why are giving RS3 a try. RS3 hasn't done anything to improve participant experience and OSRS merely had a Darkmeyer expansion. So, the player experience was upgraded by Jagex in 2019, prior to that, it was the Ashdale tutorial. As for stuff happening in OSRS, my OSRS account doesn't have the prerequisites for darkmeyer so idk how much it actually introduces in terms of replayable content, an actual OSRS participant could probably answer that for you. But from what I could gather, OSRS players are burnt out (a person said leagues before as being a potential motive ) and are likely only looking at RS3 as something familiar, yet distinct, while they wait out the burn.

I Would like to listen to your OSRS opinions

Gotta not think of slayer as a"ability". Its different to each other ability. I go to a tree After I train woodcutting, also please train woodcutting. Same thing applies for nearly every single skill minus a couple of combination art methods (underwater agility/thieving like ) and a few different ones such as Farming (in which you "go do a farm run" but you also do one then go off doing other stuff and also the time spent farming is extremely quickly ). I do not conduct slayer to"only train slayer". Its relaxing and going in an afk task like Gargoyles, or exploding to train my magic in the catacombs, or performing a boss with higher damage and precision whilst on task (or even a slayer boss, at that).

The one thing slayer does is passively unlock new critters / bosses for me. The skill itself is never the one thing im concentrated on. Im training combats, magical, range, making GP doing interesting bossing etc.. Also, don't begin slayer at low battle, thats the main mistake newer players make since they hear"slayer is the best". Plus it sucks at low battle because theres none of these fun things I have talked about and your tasks are slower and more boring.I maxed combats immediatly following gold swapping from RS3 to get back into bossing with clanmates who also returned runescape gold 2107 mobile came out. We are all stuck at the job of slayer being entirely obsolete since we could boss or do vork/zulrah for gp, and cannon or barrage farming is not any fun amd a waste of time which might have been spent on neighborhood drama or playing something else.

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