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RuneScape That Are More Widely Popular

Published date: July 3, 2020
Location: Sydney, Sydney, Australia


How does a bigger RuneScape player base affect my gameplay at all? Even if the RS gold player count declined into the low thousands of people who genuinely want an old school experience, it'd still probably be profitable to maintain the servers operating with minimum or no upgrades. I wouldn't have any issue with that.And certain, I don't have any issue with Jagex continuing on it's present trajectory of PvM and slayer scape. That's the type of stuff that attracts new RuneScape gamers in rather than NMZ or any smithing or skilling rework. I really don't find a reason abilities can not stay the way they are while Jagex focuses much of its time and energy on the facets of RuneScape that are more widely popular.If you don't think a much smaller RuneScape player base does not affect you negatively, you ought not have an opinion on sport development. You understand very little. If fewer people play RuneScape, the programmers have less incentive to keep working on RuneScape, and also are more likely to shut RuneScape down eventually. It is not cheap creating a game. Fewer people means less cash. It is not a tough concept. Until you do the research, literally don't reply. Do not. You're wrong. You are an ignorant. You're uneducated. The only thing you've done is click a lot and that doesn't qualify you.The debate against those are that those things are poor, are known to be failures, and should not be inserted to get a giant collection of reasons that have already been talked to death but ultimately have nothing to do with OSRS being"old school".Just because"old school" isn't a good reason for or against anything doesn't mean there aren't other factors. It merely means that"old school" is not a good reason. Without becoming old school Upgrades can however feel old school. College just fine can be felt by the new stuff, I am not against that and I really support that.Why can not smithing be reworked to be a much better skill while feeling"rs gold 2107"? Blast furnace would be the best experience speeds and the go-to method so it's nothing like training the ability of smithing becomes any different. Even if rune alch prices don't change, I'd still bet that the GE worth of rune pubs and ore would grow to the point that smithing and alching rune wouldn't be super profitable, then monsters that drop rune ore and pubs could be corrected to drop a bit less to compensate for the greater market worth (honestly not super necessary). There's likely other pieces of a rework to be considered, but it could be completed in a means that still feels old school whilst also being much more picky about RuneScapeplay loop. Smithing only has low value for a skill as it sounds, it should get a rework.

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