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That Would Be Dope As All Get Out

Published date: August 14, 2020
Location: Sydney, Sydney, American Samoa


I wish you and a buddy could play as long as your staff are the same. I understand some nba 2k21 myteam coins players could cheese this and basically help others rank up fast but a) we are all going to strike 95 anyways (I have it 2 from solo grinding) presuming you play always and b) restrict matches each week, possibly like 5-14, approximately 1-2 a day. I think it would be a concept to play the story and then you could play a group you both love.

A close buddy of mine and I play and it's just us 2 the most of the time and, ya, the neighbourhood is all. It can just appear mundane. That having been said, I think building of knowing how that tone and what the advantages and the flaws and gaps in each other match can really help push NBA 2K21 to be more. We've had losses that are bad but that bond of intentionally having back each others really helps us persist until matters click.

And its never been fun doing this (although winning has arrived ). It is a video game and the close of the day enjoying laughing that is / is winning and rankings up. Going back to the first point, maybe you dont need to play in the'hood and just Raps v Bucks game to ball just like you in the league and also to face'real' players and teams rather than plays that are cheesey. Joint games with my career/rep included with a close friend or two to bring buddies togethers and build relationships + in turn more exp and pleasure.Petition to let us Alter Takeover in 2K21 we Need it, not in Mycareer

Everyone asked for all of that. This subreddit is a bubble compared to the real world. Plus 2K patches, only later in 2k21 buy mt. But at first, they always release a half game. Like in convention. Thing is, it's not like they just cares about the youtbers and don't care about the folks here. Nah, not that simple. It any or reddit of these threads don't make shit. Ya know? However, the streamers and Youtubers make 2K internationally hence and marketable. They make more profit.

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