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You Are Given By Them

Published date: August 4, 2020
Location: Sydney, Sydney, Argentina


Madden 21 Observations

Gameplay alterations are the largest selling point, and I feel like they are holding on more gameplay modifications so that they have something to show for Madden 21 coins when the time comes. Adjustments would be the largest selling point because was trash for so long. If they were doing their due diligence, then gameplay alterations would need to be"tuned" rather than"nerfed". The user gameplay experience should not be radically different from year to year or match. Gameplay has been trash since it's inception. There was never a"great" Madden in terms of gameplay, but what's important is they enhance it.

Of course it's important they enhance Madden 21play. The issue is that EA takes away gameplay attributes and then reintroduces them years after"new". They use improvements. Where in reality they have not made many core enhancements to Madden 21. I really don't see why that is a problem if it improves Madden 21play. They can call it whatever they need, attempt to dress it up or do whatever. Along with the reality I am not certain what constitutes as a"core" change.

Thresholds being skills and also being restricted is a good way. DBs have gotten overhauls the last 7 maddens. You are not telling me the 20 DBs play such as the 18 DBs or the 16 DBs lol, although I really don't like where they are at. I'm only saying, I do not get your point but I would like to. I would like a better match too, I simply don't see why these reintroducing an old attribute as fresh is a problem if it enhances Madden 21. I guess that my point is that they keep putting a game annually depending on precisely the exact same legacy code. And with less than a year of development between each launch, there is so much they could do to really fix Madden 21.

Why don't you take a break for a year, release title update and a roster in August rather than a game that is new? They then could take that opportunity. They recycle and reuse the same things every year. Altering the mechanisms of buy Mut 21 coins should not be THE feature. You don't play COD and say"wow jump over walls is much easier this season". Most men and women concentrate on the new weapons or game styles they took the opportunity. Sure, gameplay and mechanics upgrades are welcome (and honestly expected) but they're never the advertising stage. New features must be NEW FEATURES- like custom playbooks in MUT, create a drama, overhaul of Franchise mode, or any number of suggestions people from this area have made. Frankly, as much as I love Madden it is getting a little stale and repetitive.

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