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Published date: August 18, 2020
Location: Sydney, Sydney, American Samoa


This one is about EA being bad and more about the rights holders not fond; EA Games are 100% their fault, although don't get me wrong, it is still a 50/50 split with Madden 21 coins for being bad. In this case, the NFL knows their brand will market, so they'd rather maintain the rights with somebody. As long as their matches keep profiting, the NFL does not have any reason to push EA to make them and the profit line is a simpler one to straddle compared to quality line; if I need more gain but the item is immaterial to a level, I could just ditch the group to offset any lost sales from a lower quality product.

2K getting rights to get a non-simulation game is the very first step to us getting a fantastic simulation game; if the NFL sees that most of its base is happier playing a non-sim game with the things which make the NFL greater than Football, they will need to measure up their sim game to bring the new soccer back under the shield of the NFL. The Show gets the best franchise mode hands down. My gripes are gamers start as soon as they hit 30 declining seemingly when you know you are not enjoying with all 162 games and at least 11 at postseason and it is so difficult to get to it.

NBA is an adequate equilibrium but once you get a star in service you are pretty golden. It's too easy to find a team. But the attributes are all better than Madden. It's fucking sad to state, but I play Madden 08 at this stage with players who seem like fucking legos. Even the scouting lacks depth. You know what skills to look for and where they need to be for every draft to be good. EA is banking on soccer being the most popular game by far, Madden getting cache from it's new and it being the only game out there of it's genre. Players continue spending millions in MT, so they don't have any need to put effort.

The casuals don't care about the gameplay much as what's new this season because they're not trying to play 16 franchise matches over the course of a week or two. I am so fucking mad at what this game has become. Beginning in 04 Madden published around my b'day every year and that's what I wanted. I love soccer. I haven't genuinely loved cheap Madden 21 coins since the change to ps3 from ps2. I thought it would get on ps4. Franchise doesn't possess the depth that it did 15 years back. It's absurd. It fucking absurd.

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