Air Assist System Review

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Published date: 2022/09/28
  • Location: New York, United States of America
Atomstack Air Assist System Helps Laser Engraver Packaging: Glad I recommend you a beautifully designed air assist system for laser engraving enthusiasts, a specially designed packaging developed by Atomstack that you will love. ,
We know that having an air-assist system is critical when slicing or engraving with a laser. Air helps reduce ground temperature, increases slicing efficiency, prevents material hardening, prevents mud from clogging laser nozzles, and protects optics such as focusing lenses. ,

For this reason, Atomstack has launched its first-generation Air Assist system to meet the challenges of various customers. Happily, the Assist system will likely work on all early laser-engraved models, including the previous A5 series, the flagship A10, and the removable P7 and P9. We see Atomstack air assist with 10-30L/min adjustable air pump, two high precision moulded nozzles, goggle lenses and air duct. The air pump is powered by external energy, so please choose the correct plug measurement when purchasing.

This time Atomstack did an excellent job placing the IR laser on a standard diode engraver. We saw Atomstack pioneer the infrared laser module Atomstack R30, a fiber laser with a wavelength of 1064nm.

We know that traditional consumer laser engravers are equipped with diode lasers, equivalent to the now popular Atomstack S10 Pro and Atomstack A10 Pro, which have unparalleled advantages in engraving and reducing wood, and can be used in several equivalents of chrome steel. Material engraved and aluminium. However, these two so-called flagship fashions are powerless in the face of high-density metals comparable to gold, silver and copper.

But in any case, Atomstack R30 will completely solve this shortcoming. It is a laser module for metal engraving. Thankfully, this new toy will match nearly every Atomstack machine, like the S10 Pro and A5 Pro, as well as the P9 and P7. ,

If you suddenly want to engrave on metals like gold, silver and copper, the Atomstack R30 can be fascinating. Then, you just need to replace the high-density consumables with this infrared laser head, and you can easily get the high-density consumables you want. If you want to cut and carve wood, you just have to switch with the unique diode laser module.

Let's discuss the parameters of the Atomstack R30 Infrared Laser Module. Its gentle power source is an infrared fiber laser. The wavelength is 1064nm, the spot spacing is 0.03mm, and the pulse energy is 20,000Hz. At the same time, it belongs to the cold and mild supply, does not harm the bottom layer of human skin, and will not catch fire when engraving. It may be a safe laser. Since it's a cold mild supply, it can't do any reduction problems, can't wood reduction.

Fiber lasers like this offer creators the additional prospect of increasing the efficiency of blue diode lasers and enabling them to solve problems they were previously unable to solve. If you're a long-time Atomstack consumer, it's time to improve your gear and let these dense metals quiver.
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