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I recall there was a popular webseries of SSB pieces

Published date: May 4, 2021
Location: American Samoa


Unless this is the beginning of a new Zelda era and Animal Crossing Items all Zelda games for the near future are going to be sequels to BOTW.

Edit: the downvotes, I am not trying to be unwanted. I am still stoked. It has just been so long since the last new Zelda already that I'm already itching to get something completely new.

I hear you. I would like to find that too. I am not gont lie I would be happy with an entirely linear Zelda because I adore linear matches however I know a lot of individuals adore the open world aspect, therefore there has to be a wise way to unite the two. I like your suggestions.

Well I had the idea they could earn a fast sequel to botw using the same map and assets and only adding/changing things sufficient to justify a new game but making it come out quickly. Well here we are four decades after who knew it'd take a long time to do that. It better be unrecognizable at this point

The most logical route to me: BotW prequel. The BotW map BEFORE everything was ruined. Hyrule in all its glory. Buildings, not destroys. Maybe many years ahead of the Calamity. PROPER dungeons - not the 1-3 puzzles cookie cutter shrines and the god-awful celestial monster rotate-shit nightmares. Classic, enter a big ass dungeon and solve a lot of puzzles, discover hidden items and work your way through. Let's return to that.

An immediate sequel to BotW. Maybe even make the main character Zelda! Link is cool and all but after 15ish games as the primary character, can we play someone else? Spice up the narrative somewhat... I feel like the stories in Zelda are largely the same, and quite generic. Give us a real story this time.

What's likely happening and why they won't even reveal us an update: A completely different style of Zelda. It's not unprecedented. Look at Wind Waker. They originally released screenshots of a much more realistic Zelda game, then it got super postponed, then we obtained chibi cell-shaded Link (no complaints - that I loved WW). They might have gotten side-tracked here, and only redesigned the game completely. New map, new art style, new story, who knows. For all this waiting, I'd welcome it.

I love to think we still dont understand enough about the world of botw, if its the exact same exact world map would say I wouldnt be into it but the area we get to explore in the first game is not all of the world. I believe we're gonna receive a brand new side of hyrule. But unlike Esam who can forever be tormented by"boxing ring" and other such matters he stated, if any of us get famed now we could always use different usernames so nobody knows exactly what we said and did when we were stupid kids.

Really made me understand the purchase price of anonymity that big streamers/youtubers and actors cover. Well worth the purchase price IMO but it's undoubtedly a factor.

There was little to no regard for Sakurai in the west in the day. I recall there was a popular webseries of SSB pieces made of  Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket spritework and there was an entire joke of Ridley, Geno, Mega man, along with some different characters getting mad they were not in the match and Geno only fireblasting all of Japan because of it. It had been like, in retrospect, incredibly fucked up

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