Some mobile games are extremely good

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Published date: 2022/10/06
It's important to highlight that you're PC-centric of company, developer, and publisher. Are you aware of the resentment from your fans? in the moment they're thinking "Yeah But this is mobile and you're not who are."

In retrospect, I believe we've taken a good examination of ourselves post-BlizzCon for a look at the reactions of the fans. It's our job to comprehend the root of this reaction.

We did not make a good job of convincing our loyal fans that we're not abandoning PCs for mobile or console. This part of the message was not communicated in a way that I believe, if we could go backto PC, we'd choose to do.

It's not difficult to comprehend the reaction of the fanatics "I'm an avid Blizzard fan!. Blizzard, just keep making PC games like you've always done. Just like I enjoy. This will make me happy."

But, if you consider the world and consider games in your mind, it's hard to imagine that someone who is a true PC Blizzard fan today hasn't tried console platforms or mobile platforms during their career, or in their lives, more.

Some mobile games are extremely good, and some games on mobile are awfully bad, just like every other gaming platform. We believe there's an possibility for players to play and enjoy games that are on the top of their game which we truly love and believe in, within our Blizzard IP. That's the lens for Diablo Immortal.

If you're a primary PC player There's too many mobile games which don't have the best name. We've seen these games and we've played these games. We've played games that we believe are predatory, especially when it comes to earning money, but that aren't the most enjoyable experience we can imagine, it's not like there's anything wrong with this, but it's difficult for players to comprehend the way Blizzard remains Blizzard on this platform.

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