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Soulja Boy returns with classic RuneScape flows

Published date: August 6, 2020
Location: Aland Islands


According to RuneScape veteran and Eurogamer guides writer Lottie Lynn, some scammers first start by actually decreasing small amounts, for example 10k or 20k coins, before bringing in the player's confidence and making off with 100k. "The scammer may also try to trick another player into simply dropping the cash, wait for a best place to buy rsgold minute until it appears to the entire world, then do a runner," she added. More elaborate methods include preparing a bargain for millions, then backing out together with the guarantee of adding things, then restarting the bargain - and changing the countless gold to tens of thousands, ideally with no other participant noticing (such as swapping 10m with 10k).

Given scams of this character became a problem over 10 decades back, of course, many RuneScape players found it amusing that the exact same method is now being utilized to commemorate Twitter users of the bitcoin.

As for the Twitter hack, in the immediate aftermath of the breach verified users temporarily lost the ability to log-in: but it seems this function has returned, and we finally have some notion of what happened. Twitter Support affirmed a"coordinated social engineering attack" took place which targeted Twitter employees with access to"internal systems and tools," which the hackers then used to take control of high-profile accounts and tweet in their behalf. Screenshots of an Twitter management tool apparently circulated on the underground, and were seen by Motherboard.

Soulja Boy RuneScape flows are the strangest crossover we've seen yet. Formerly, Soulja Boy garnered attention in the gaming world by announcing his own gaming console -- and that was just the start of a wild rollercoaster ride. He began earnings of just two gaming consoles and then the next two then, ultimately closing down this section of his online store under a month afterwards.

He's established a new website (using its own merch store, naturally ) and bounced about between a few different games, but it is his RuneScape streams which have kicked things off in recent months. As one example, look at this poll he put out during his latest stream voted, and can you buy runescape money 82 percent of them wanted him to continue playing RuneScape. The party atmosphere of his flows has led to the development of some memes.

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