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Rs2 proved to be a game that is dangerous

Published date: August 4, 2020
Location: Brazil


And on a different note, clue rewards would be devalued because there are hints coming into RuneScape. They're barely worth doing as is, and in spite of OSRS gold a limit of five so it's still enough to make an impact. Leagues was exceptional because the measures were guaranteed to be in one field of RuneScape. I mean, seriously, teleporting out and switching gear is annoying, but it does not take that long. I don't think doing all of them at one time and doing each clue when they fall would require that much longer than rescuing them up. The advantage was being able to perform each of the steps in Zeah. I have serious doubts that being able to carry 3 hards or two elites at once would be game-breaking.

I have got two that appear to capture me a lot of shit when I discuss them on this sub. The death mechanisms in RuneScape are absolutely neutered (including after this update) and fly in the face of the soul of rs2. Rs2 proved to be a game that is dangerous. Death was in the back of the deaths of players as well as your head, your own possible death. Seeing somebody running around on low hp was a massive adrenaline rush since you could get free shit. Hell, virtually every random event could turn around and kill your ass while you were afk. The threat of death created a very interesting meta-dynamic throughout the entire game where any time you were doing something remotely harmful, you had to make a determination regarding how much gear you wished to bring together, to hit the ideal balance between speed (because of good/expensive gear) and hazard and your own level of ability and confidence.

This entire dynamic is completely gone in OSRS, and I have never quite understood why a community who's frequently so discriminated against change (sometimes without even any good reason) seems so widely accepting of such a fundamental change to the soul of RuneScape. The way death worked in RuneScape was a thing which set it apart from other MMOs of it is time, such as WoW. People place their own interests over the health and longevity of RuneScape when voting in polls. We will need to allow Jagex include and upgrade things to RuneScape. Big updates would be an early game like OSRS's lifeblood. There are some major"off limits" areas to this area, where it feels like it's almost impossible for Jagex to pass an upgrade, including new ability (s), new training procedures, and new powerful items/gear.

There will come a day where something has to give and they will have to add something such as a new skill, or"grade 80" things, or a brand new training method for your favorite 99 you already have that may be 7% faster than it was when you did it. If we never let any of that stuff into RuneScape, it is just going to bleed players out and die down the street. The other day, a post was about thing sinks, for saying that passing is the perfect item sink if we make it to be, and I was downvoted. Letting people to loot each others'stuff is open to RuneScape gold buy abuse, but passing should be more punishing than it is.

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