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Which version of madden 21 will you be going with?

Published date: August 8, 2020
Location: Australia


The first part of mut coins madden 21 will be people wanting to run on the meta of Madden 20. No one knows what the meta will be until they get phased out, they will stick with the very same plays. I don't know if 3-4 bear or c4ds2 blitzes will get phased out but I anticipate 1-4-6 to be among the first things to see if people realize that you can sub in tight ends in spread formations then audible down to heavier sets. Roll out corners will be around for a while until we determine the optimal depth for the zone falls to stop them and just how much variety those zones possess. Folks might run stretch but it should not be as effective and will eventually be phased out of this meta.

Can you try using the corner paths to be covered by the drop zone assignments? You'll be able to tell the zones in which to play 16, if you go to coaching adjustments. You can have them stay back up to 30 yards iirc. I was able to utilize it in a couple instances and even though it was able to easily cover the corner or crossers, you were severely lacking in the underneaths. I'm convinced there's a place that is sweet but unfortunately there is not a practice way so I did not have to use it enough, to test it. The flats that are hard play down along with could have the curls play and create a coverage that is mable to the corner side to repair it. I do like that addition a lot it's just gont require clinic and some studying to get the sweet spots.

Which version of madden 21 will you be going with?

It is the time of the year when I start determining which version of madden I wish to get. I try and tell myself to only get standard. Save the additional $30-$50, if I want to really spend money, and use that on packs. However, I wind up shelling out the money to get the version that is very best possible. Usually you can get the version cheaper if you've got ea loyalty or accessibility. I'm on the fence. With the MVP variant you really do get a Lamar Jackson elite item, will this be his base elite? We'll learn shortly. The quicksell is trendy and the 17 gold group fantasy packs are nothing mad. However, the selling point is going to be the 3 day early accessibility (and Lamar) that you can also get the with all the deluxe.

But you don't get Lamar with the deluxe and you also get 12 team fantasy packs rather than 17. Im undeceive because I am the MUT participant that does not touch online for a couple of weeks untill I have built up my group through solos and got free coins and players. Therefore the"extras" you get day 1 may become of small use to me (besides Lamar Jackson if it's his foundation elite, he will be good for a month, and also more IF you can power him up). I'm not positive whether this is possible, however in the event that you can combine ea accessibility with all the in game madden reduction, you're able to possibly get the MVP variant to $80 about cheap Mut 21 coins, which if that's the case, I'll probably get that.

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