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Would Actually Return And Replay

Published date: September 29, 2020
Location: Sydney, Sydney, Aland Islands


This occurred to me when my final pc crashed. Ended up building a new computer, but I couldn't go back to m&k. Just brought my ps4 control with me. I played with Stellaris PC fairly heavily. Then Stellaris Console came out, and using a controller is miles better. The UI is soooo much nicer. FFXIV with a control is wonderful. It made me quit playing RuneScape gold because I simply needed to use a control. Oh fuck. If I could get my acc on PS5 I would lose it and play way more.

OSRS will be perfect for the Change

I will actually never leave my house if this happens. It seems I'm once again promoting lobsters. And cutting yew logs and murdering cows and mining. I am not sure how it'd work on a controller based console however. The Change does have a touch screen, also OSRS is available on mobile, so that could translate well. I hacked my nintendo change and have played runescape on it and it works wonderful. I use to play RuneScape back afterward, great memories! This would be cool, however I wonder how it will even work on consoles? Because in RuneScape it's very mouse & keyboard dependent, you have to click on a spot to even move to it and use the cursor to access the menus. They would really have to overhaul the whole gameplay to appeal to consoles.

Really putting those'next gen graphics'to good use, huh? Oh man I only started playing again recently. It is my hope that this happens. Doing Inferno with a control on Console are the greatest flex. I can already see all the console only HCIMs. My life would be complete. Can it jagex please! It's getting fucming genuine now. Seey'all motherfuckers in Wildy. But not before I get my woodcutting and fishing into 100. Simply make it . I really don't see how it would work on ps5. Like I like the game but enjoy wow. The controllers and ui would have to be completely altered to the point that you may also create a totally new game. My guess is runescape on steam and then change.

Amazing! I enjoy how they wish to branch it into consoles but my difficulty is, finding it difficult to browse such a mouse and keyboard centric game. I can understand it being on cellular, I know it's difficult for consumers to play Buy rs 3 gold mobile. On consoles? It is going to be quite interesting, I would love to hear more. It just wouldn't work. On switch it would be amazing.I could see it working. They have Pillars of Eternity working on games just fine, I think OSRS would work fine. Discussing could be difficult but not impossible. It's for certain doable.

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