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Published date: November 16, 2020
Location: Sydney, Sydney, Andorra


I'm currently trying out the barbarian training with Otto, also I was wondering if it's well worth saving all the roe and caviar for dropping (Unless I could sell it? I've never noticed it being marketed though) Or should I use it in my potions? I have a good deal of potions to have the ability to earn into mixes - however I can't see any gaps from the potions (from looking on the KB) aside from the fact that RS gold you get nominal XP from earning each mix and that it corrects a small amount of HP. How I see it - it'd be a lot of effort for next to no reward but I had been wondering if there's any big advantage that I'm missing before I decide either way?

Any advice would be appreciated (even while I'm posting) I can not seem to have the ability to try out the no-harpoon fishing... there are tonnes of"use-rod" fishing spots - am I looking in the wrong location or is there something I need to do? I've talked to Otto about that - but he says is"Oh you require encouragement" or some thing. Is there another place I need to go to get tuna swords and sharks?

It's come to my attention that Old school runescape gold almost 4/7 players possess skillcapes nowadays. I've decided to get myself, crafting. I have discovered something else, too. Well in most instances combat abilities are usually to 99 for much better precision, lasting longer in conflict, hitting better, ect. So heres my judgment: How are firemaking, woodcutting, fletching, strength and cooking skills anymore?! Waaay to many individuals have those skillcapes to become fair. Rarity chart is as following (1-10 on rarity [1 is most rare, 10 is ])

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