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Throughout this stage of progressing in Runescape

Published date: September 29, 2020
Location: Andorra


As I look back in that question today, I realize what those 2 people said was accurate. There is no longer anything left to buy that will be an update concerning gameplay. Trimmed armor doens't supply any armor bonus over full rune. Santa hat is great for RuneScape gold owning (worth a lot of gp), but a complete rune helm actually provides a defense bonus, whereas the Santa hat doesn't give a defense bonus at all. There's no longer any useful Runescape item that can't be bought.

Can there be anything worthwhile to purchase (3.2 M gp in bank accounts )? At this point, I believe the only Runescape purchases that would be helpful might be items to level up one of the following skills: present 53; Magic 54; Runecraft 53; Crafting 55; Smithing 51. (Aside: current attack 71; strength 73; shield 70; which range 52; mining 64; firemaking 60; woodcutting 64.)

Free-to-play planet: I defeated Elvarg, then I trained on ankous, made to att/str/def/hp of ca. 60 each. There was not anything left to perform in Runescape (been to Varrock/Rimmington/Falador/all dungeons/all f2p guilds), so that I made the horrible decision to explore the Wilderness: Runescape had only eliminated PvP (and in running to Fist of Guthix, there weren't any big hazards). So in preparation of Wilderness exploring, I equipped with complete rune armor + rune scimitar and stock filled with lobsters. I researched the Chaos temple nearby Fist of Guthix, I had been the only person there... I then explored the Dark Warrior's Fortress, the Bandit Camp, the ruins to the west of the Bandit Camp. When all of a sudden, a level 75 Revenant comes out of nowhere. I swung at it using all the Rune Scimitar, but I wasn't even becoming blue zero splats - I was not even using the rune scimitar! The revenant took my HP (ca. 10 at a time), I countered the HP reduction by eating lobsters.

However, I understood that this is a losing proposition; I'm not even making contact with my own rune scimitar, never head hitting on the revenant for damage. I attempted to run off, but I couldn't. Then I remembered that you have to turn "Protect from Magic" prayer and then run. I still had several lobster, lots of HP - but this has been a scare.

Time passed... I levelled att/str/def/hp into ca. 65 each. . There was nobody in the coal mine. I suppose I wasn't in low-enough-level Wilderness, however, the coal mine is very-low-level such as Fist of Guthix, why's this searchable Revenant coming ? It was hitting 8 HP at Old School RS Gold one time. I attempted melee attacking it, but that I was not aware (back at that time) which Revenants used a freezing spell then step two squares away so you can not melee them.

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