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Bf suma health consultants

Published date: October 1, 2020
Location: Australia


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We would like to talk to people who

-feel pain in the bones

-feel backache

-feel pain in the joints

-feel pain when they squat or bend their knees

-have unwanted liquid in their joints

-lack synovial fluid

-hear noise in the joints when they walk

-lack minerals in the bones like calcium, amino acids, zinc

-whose bones are degenerating

The good news is that "All of these can be dealt with" with Bf suma health consultants Uganda

- Gluzo capsules

- zaminocal capsules

- athroxtra tablets

For more information WhatsApp +256777318302

                   or call.    + 256756444033


# a healthy man is a happy man


ArhroXtra tablets is a natural bone and cartilage supplement combining glucosamine(an amino acid) and chondroitin for smooth motion.

Glucosamine builds /strengthens the cartilage and tissue that cushions your joints while chondroitin lubricates cartilage for better mobility,while also being a shock absorber for joints.

It is recommended for the elderly people experiencing bone and joint discomforts

People who are physically active like sportsmen/women and those suffering from arthritis.


1 Make and repair joint cartilage

2. Reduce pain symptoms of osteoarthritis and further deterioration

3. Improve the ability of joint movement

4. It provides structure and nutrients

5. Keeps joint lubricate and normalize joint metabolism

6. Promote the production of synovial fluid and reduce joint friction

7.Prevent osteoarthritis

8. Prevent age related arthritis e.g. from 85 to 50 years where arthritis 

is prone and .above 50 years. 


Gluzo joint capsules improves cartilage metabolism in joints and inhibits joint degeneration process. The main function of glucosamine is to activate the elements required for the repair damaged joints.

 Some people lack the ability, or have a hindered ability due to age, to manufacture glucosamine which plays a role in joint discomfort


1. Make and repair joint cartilage

2. Reduce pain symptoms of osteoarthritis

3. Improve the condition of joint cartilage

4. Support the natural ability to regenerate cartilage

5. Help to rebuild cartilage and lubricate joints

6. Alleviate the joint discomfort and increase


scientifically formulated is the perfect bone partner, which applies a high technology - Amino Acid Chelating (AAC). With advanced AAC, our calcium and zinc supplements have high uptake (90%) in the body.

Compared with some other supplements containing a great amount of sugar, sodium, which are not suitable for people with diabetes and hypertension, BF Suma ZaminoCal Capsules is 100% safe supplement suitable for every one including children, teenagers, pregnant and lactating women, elderly people and people who are allergic to common calcium supplements.


1.Enhance absorption of calcium and Zinc to over 90%

2. Maintain healthy bones & teeth

3. Fight infection bacteria or virus

4. Suitable for minor, teenage, lactating woman and elderly

5. It prevents night blindness and improves eyesight

6 Corrects altered, small and taste and sensitivity

7. Prevent Goiter

8. Prevents and treats cancer

9. Promote tissue repair & growth

10. Enhance weak libido in both men and women

11. Enhance proper development of reproductive organs

12. Slows down the aging process

13. It improves the immune system

14. It prevents respiratory and lung related diseases

15. It acts as a pain killer

16. If. reduces tiredness and stress

17. Rick in natural colleges which nourishes the skin.

18. It prevents and treats rheumatoid arthritis.

# A healthy man is a happy man

# health is a great asset


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