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Searchika Terms and Conditions Update : May 27, 2020

In order to keep Searchika Global Advertising safe  and secure for you, We have updated our terms and conditions. It is mandatory for everyone to be aware of our terms and conditions to enjoy uninterrupted services on our website. To read Click Here

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This page is more useful when a user wants to view ads only in one country. 


To view all ads in a country select/click on the first letter of country in the list.


For Example: To view all ads in 'United States' click on letter 'U' it will scroll down page to the country names starting with letter 'U'. Now click on United States and view all the listings in this country.


You may try clicking on initial letters of the countries to navigate to respective countries. We have a list of more than 250+ countries on our website to view or post ads.

'Top' button on right bottom scrolls the page quickly to the top of the page and reduces the scrolling time and effort.