About Searchika

Searchika.com was launched in April 2018, is a popular website to Post Free Ads worldwide and grow your Business for Free. The main purpose of this website is to provide free ad service worldwide in almost all the countries. searchika delivers compelling Ad design for free so that your Ad can be noticed by every visitor on our website.You can post Unlimited Ads on searchika.com in a day. Posting ads on searchika is really easy and effective, posting more and unique ads on seachika is the key success for free global advertising on searchika. So visit this page more often to post your business ads. If you are not able to create Ads on our website then you can email us searchika1 At gmail.com 




Why we made Searchika : 


The idea comes into reality when we step out of our house or office, anywhere means in any direction we see, what we see is at least one Ad or sometimes hundreds and thousands of Ads around us. Now the point is who cares about those Ads? Are we going to buy all those stuff, definitely not or may be one or two of them? But we should not forget that all these Ads are not free, some of them are paid, people are paying big money to display their ads every day or month. When it comes to online advertising on a website people need to pay on the basis of per thousand view or clicks which costs a lot to a business owner, due to that a business owner might need to increase the cost of product or service which makes sales targets more challenging.


Now here on Searchika.com users can create Ads for free that may generate a good number of sales.

Users can also upgrade their free Ads to premium to increase the chances of making sales. At Searchika users need not pay on the basis of per view or click. Once you pay a specific amount for your Ads for a specific time period you get truly unlimited advertising for that specific period of time, no extra money is changed.




*Answers to most commonly asked questions*


How to Register and Log In?


Step 1:

To register for a Searchika Ad account free please click on the Register button in the top right corner or click here : 
Once the form is opened, fill all the input fields with your details and submit it. Now follow step 2 below. 

Step 2:

Moreover, if you have already signed up using your email address,  an email confirmation link is sent to your email account within 3 to 5 minutes.  Please check for that link in your inbox, spam or junk folder to verify your account. If you have received that link, please click on the link to verify your account. Now you can log in to your Ads account.
Click to Log In
For more help on how to register and log in on Searchika Ad portal, please watch the video link below

How to post an Ad?


We can definitely help you grow your business for free.


Once you are registered and Logged In


To publish your Ad please click on the publish button in the top right corner or ' + ' (if using mobile phone) or click here :






Fill the input fields with details and submit it. That's it. Your Ad will be posted, and it will appear on home page and some other pages on searchika.com/




How to insert a Link/URL/Website?


To add a link, click on HTML under tools on Editor menu


Copy the code below and change the link 'www.mywebsite.com' and text 'My website' paste it where you want to show your kinks .






How to edit and update my Ad?


A user can update his/her Ads by signing in to his account by using the email address used at the time of posting the particular Ad.


If the user is not registered, in this case the user need to register for an Ad account by using the same email address which was submitted while posting the Ad.


If the user hasn't the access to email which was submitted while posting the Ad. Searchika Customer Support team will help such users in email address getting changed on the account. Once the email address is changed, the user need to register for an Ad account by using the same email address which was added by Searchika Customer Support team.




What are benefits for Searchika Global Advertising?


Posting Ads on www.searchika.com is free. A user can post multiple but unique Ads in a day for free. As www.searchika.com is an Advertising website, we do not promise any number of sales or leads from an Ad you post. The number of sales and leads will totally depend on the quality of ad you make and the product you sell. We recommend users to make an attractive ad with product features and other details, set a reasonable price, clear images, upload trust certificates if any, easy payment and delivery method and so on.


My chat request is not being accepted, what should I do?


Sometimes due to heavy chat request flow or unavailability of resources/agent or internet issues etc. we may not be able to answer your chat. In this case, you should try our chat support after sometime.


Is there an app for Searchika Global Advertising?


Yes. We do have an android app for Searchika Global Advertising and you and download it from Google Play Store which is safe and secure. To download click here


Searchika android app is an easy-to-use app for Advertising businesses on www.searchika.com. My Account menu holds maximum features for a user. Post free Ads button gives the easy access to post a free Ad quickly.