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Please read the following terms and conditions very carefully as your use of service is subject to your acceptance of and compliance with the following terms and conditions ("Terms"). These terms & Conditions are only for www.searchika.com





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Some General Terms: -




At www.searchika.com we like only fresh Ads. We advise users to update their Ads within 30 days, this facilities is available for our registered user. Ads which are older than 30 days, our admins may consider them for deletion.




Productivity Guidelines 




What type of Ads we support on Searchika


Here is a general idea in short -




  • Users can advertise their businesses like General/Grocery stores,  local/international brands, Schools/Colleges, Pubs and Bars,  Hotels and Restaurants, Medical resources etc.




  • Sell or Search items like old/second hand products, Jeans, trousers, shirts, shoes, watch, jewelry, makeup kits, perfumes, sanitizers, electronics, kitchenware, books, toys, online/offline education systems etc.




  • Advertise services like job, astrology, law, grocery/food delivery, plumbing, laundry, babysitters, massage, physiotherapy, home decor, cooking, electrical, rent, hire, cab/bus/train/flight services, medical services like ambulance, oxygen cylinders, medicines, consultations etc.




  • There might be hundreds and thousands of legal products and services that you may be thinking about, we truly support all those at www.searchika.com.




  • If you have got something to sell but not sure whether it's supported or not on Searchika. Please contact us.






What type of Ads we do not support on Searchika


We Delete Ads like :-


  • Ads with too much special characters used in title or description like @@#$%^&*€£¥₩/=?:-XXZzzz7770000 etc. will be immediately Deleted.




  • Ads with duplicate title and description (Posting same type of ad again and again - Duplicate Ads.) Though you can Delete your previous Ads to create a fresh Ad of same type. We accept duplicate Ads too if you are posting it in different countries for once Only everyday and you should delete this before you post this type of ad again next day. It means same ad in different countries is not a duplicate Ad. Where as if you post same ad in one particular country again and again is considered duplicate and will be Deleted by admin. 




  •       If you are offering same services in more than one city and state of your country you should type City and state names in Ad description with comma separated. You should not create same type of ads for multiple cities.




  • www.searchika.com is not your preferred drug/medical store, hence we don't allow Advertising tablets, capsules, injections, powders, liquids, internal sprays etc. though users can advertise medical equipments such as oxygen cylinder, surgical tools,  machines, vehicles etc.




  • Ads containing words directly or indirectly like fake, forged, counterfeit, heroin,  Spells, Vashikaran, Get rich quick, gambling, casino, Killing contracts, Abductions, promising monetary loss, promising magical power, magical ornaments are not acceptable. 




  • Ads with profanity like showing Humans/Animals private parts in images will be deleted.




  • Ads with Escort services like call girls/boys  will be Deleted.




  • Ads with sexual satisfaction pills, oils etc. will be Deleted. 




  • Ads with fake news and fake promotional links will be Deleted.






We are concerned about your security - Safety Tips for buyers & sellers




  • Please note www.searchika.com is not an authorized/certified platform to avail any type of medication. We recommend users to visit a certified doctor or chemist/medical store to fulfill your medical needs.



  • Do not allow sharing computer/Mobile screens to exchange the information. 




  • Do not allow someone to fill the payment form on your behalf by sharing your own computer/ Mobile screens. 




  • Don't share your credit/debit card number CVV  (numbers printed on the back of Card), PIN, OTP with anyone under any circumstances. 




  • Don't share your online banking username and password with anyone under any circumstances. 




  • Don't pay in cash or through western union or money orders. First priority Credit Card, second priority Debit Card and so on. Always prefer to pay with your own Credit Card. When you pay with credit Card you maintain a record in reference to the product/seller for the future reference.




  • Try meeting the seller in person and examine the product packaging and product itself is intact. 




  • Always request for an original invoice before (Pre sales invoice - expected payment amount) and after (Post sales invoice - Payment made amount) purchase of a product with company name, Address and phone numbers, terms and conditions validity/expiry, refundable, Money Back, Hallmark, warranty in written form if any with respect to the company product. 




  • Always read online users reviews for a product or company that you are looking for or planning to purchase from on various search engines. 






Note : All the deals happening on our website www.searchika.com  belong to individual advertiser and not from SEARCHIKA website owner. Hence www.searchika.com is not responsible for any fraudulent deal in case of buyer or seller. We recommend everyone to investigate the legitimacy of deal before they proceed.


Anyone can post any sort of advertisements on our website www.searchika.com. All Ads falling in a category of Private or Professional are public ads for which the respected person is solely responsible and liable. Searchika will not be responsible and/ or liable for any fraud, scam, and manipulation. For use of our Site, you confirm and declare that you shall not list or post or provide information in relation to the sale or purchase or exchange of goods and services, content or information that are illegal under the laws of the respective countries.






  1. Announcement : refers to all the elements and data (visual, textual, sound, photographs, drawings), presented by an Advertiser editorial under his sole responsibility, in order to buy, rent or sell a product or service and broadcast on the Website and Mobile Site https://searchika.com/.

  2. Advertiser : means any natural or legal person, a major, established in France, holds an account and having submitted an announcement, from it, on the Website. Any Advertiser must be connected to the Personal Account for deposit and or manage its ads. Ad first deposit automatically entails the establishment of a Personal Account to the Advertiser.

  3. Personal Account : refers to the free space than any Advertiser must create and which it should connect from the Website to disseminate, manage and view its ads.

  4. Customer Service : Searchika Global Advertising means the department to which the Advertiser may obtain further information. This service can be contacted via email by clicking the link on the Website and Mobile Site.

  5. Searchika Global Advertising : Searchika Global Advertising means the services made available to Users and Advertisers on the Website and Mobile Site.

  6. Website : means the website operated by Searchika Global Advertising accessed mainly from the URL http://searchika.com/ and allowing Users and Advertisers to access the Service via internet Searchika Global Advertising.

  7. Mobile Site : is the mobile site operated by Searchika Global Advertising accessible from the URL http://searchika.com/ and allowing Users and Advertisers to access via their mobile phone service http://searchika.com/.

  8. User : any visitor with access to Searchika Global Advertising Service via the Website and Mobile Site and Consultant Service Searchika Global Advertising accessible from different media.




These Terms and Conditions Of Use establish the contractual conditions applicable to any subscription by an Advertiser connected to its Personal Account from the Website and Mobile Site.




Any use of the website by an Advertiser is full acceptance of the current Terms.




Responsibility for Searchika Global Advertising can not be held liable for non-performance or improper performance of due control, either because of the Advertiser, or a case of major force.


Modification of these terms


Searchika Global Advertising reserves the right, at any time, to modify all or part of the Terms and Conditions.


Advertisers are advised to consult the Terms to be aware of the changes.




If part of the Terms should be illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, the provisions in question would be deemed unwritten, without questioning the validity of the remaining provisions will continue to apply between Advertisers and Searchika Global Advertising.


Any complaints should be addressed to Customer Service Searchika Global Advertising.


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